Jadunath Sarkar gallery


Jadunath Sarkar gallery

The JBMRC was inaugurated with a special gallery of panels and photographs on the life and works of Sir Jadunath Sarkar, in the ground floor room that used to be his study. Sir Jadunath’s frugal lifestyle is reflected in the way the room has been organised. There are a total of 6-8 framed photographs displayed on one of the walls, with 5 text panels mapping the life-span of the great historian adorning the rest. Sir Jadunath’s study table, the original fan and the cot where he passed away has been set-up just the way it was until his death in 1958. The original furniture has been generously donated to the JBMRC by his grandson Colonel Santosh Sarkar and Mrs. Reba Sarkar.


Jadunath Sarkar