Politics, Rumour and the Media

Jul 21,2018

Eighth Anjan Ghosh Memorial Conference

Saturday, 21 July 2018
Venue: Jadunath Bhavan Museum and Resource Centre, 10 Lake Terrace,
Kolkata 700029

This conference was conceived as a sequel to last year’s symposium in memory of Anjan Ghosh, titled “How do we defend the independent media?”, which we organised on 16 September 2017. This year’s theme, "Politics. Rumour and the Media" has emerged out of Anjan Ghosh’s unpublished Ph.D. thesis on rumour, gossip and communal violence during the 1940s -70s. In this context, we invited speakers to reflect on

  1. the vexed issues of veracity, authentication and the ethics of information circulation in today’s print, television and social media
  2. the increasingly vicious and motivated role that falsification and faking of news is playing in contemporary politics, and
  3. the larger theme of the politicisation of the media and the mediatisation of politics in contemporary India
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